Corporate Information

Aiming to be a Specialized Company in Cardiovascular field

TOA EIYO has been growing steadily as a research and development oriented corporation. Our history began in 1943 when the company was first established with the aim of utilizing to a high level the vitamin B2 contained in silkworm pupae. Since then, TOA EIYO has produced Bisulase®,which was born from this research into silkworm pupae, and subsequently introduced its Flavitan®series to become the top manufacturer of vitamin B2 formulations in Japan.

In 1981 and 1984, we successfully developed Frandol®tablets and Frandol®tape for use in the treatment of heart disease. Immediately upon their release, these medications were very well received as unique and effective products from many in the medical field, even though the industry is one that places such a high emphasis on the development of new drugs.

Then, we developed and introduced a series of nitrate products for use in the treatment of angina. Many now look to us to deliver hope to patients with heart disease, which is rapidly increasing with the ever continuing aging of society. We are thus dedicated more than ever to pursuing ever higher levels of original research and development through the construction of a Pharmaceutical Technology Center and Synthetic Technology Center, which will combine research and production, as well as completing the Tokyo Research Laboratories, which will become a center for the study of new drugs, and the Sendai Plant, which boasts the very latest in equipment throughout.

In recent years, we have also tied up with other companies to promote, introduce, and sell a wide range of medical products for circulatory and cardiovascular treatment in addition to our own proprietary products. TOA EIYO aims to become a leading specialized pharmaceutical company that is firmly established with a truly valued role in the field of circulatory and cardiovascular treatment, and also to ceaselessly contribute to society by supporting and contributing to improving health, which everybody desires, in the field of pharmaceuticals for medical treatment.